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The WIPO GREEN database is a unique catalogue of sustainable solutions and needs across the world.

It offers technologies from prototype to marketable products, available for license, collaboration, joint ventures, and sale. It also contains needs defined by companies, institutions, and non-governmental organizations looking for technologies to address specific environmental or climate change problems.

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To upload a technology or information about a green technology need in the WIPO GREEN database, first log in to the WIPO GREEN portal using your WIPO account credentials. You will then have the option to submit a technology or need.

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All technologies uploaded to the WIPO GREEN database remain the property of the rights holder/s. It is up to the rights holder and the collaborating parties to structure agreements in the manner they feel is most appropriate and effective.

No. Any licensing of particular trade secrets will be governed by individually negotiated agreements.

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Activated Filter Media

AFM® Activated Filter Media is a direct replacement for sand, doubling the performance of sandfilters without the need of additional investments in infrastructure. AFM® resists biofouling, biocoagulation and transient wormhole channeling of unfiltered water and outlasts all other filter media. FM® is a highly engineered product manufactured from a specific glass type, processed to obtain the optimum particle size and shape...


Ng Automobile is looking for financial support for Research and Development

Hydrogen are used in many countries as a fuel. For hydrogen as a fuel there are lots of problems and risk... We have found a solution to avoid those hydrogen technology problems and risk by inventing a safe 'New Hydrogen Generating Technology- SUPERSONIC HYDROGEN FUEL POWERED HIGHER EFFICIENCY ENGINES INBUILT WITH DUAL SOURCE HIGH- TECH HYDROGEN FUEL GENERATOR'


Hitachi collaborates with WIPO GREEN to implement IP for Society, a new concept to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society through the use of intellectual property.